To develop the complete baseball player using a measurable approach to physical and mental skills through the application of a structured, disciplined curriculum that provides excellence in instruction, leadership, and facilities for families that align with the Marucci Elite Texas core values.

The organization’s primary focus continues to be the development of players’ fundamental skills and knowledge of the game. We strive to produce champions on the field and in life, by emphasizing the core values of respect, integrity, discipline, accountability, and hard work.


Player Health:

The player’s overall health is the most important aspect. We teach proper baseball mechanics and assure that the player’s arm is not overused during events, as well as take precautions with existing or past injuries.

Goal Setting:

We believe that through setting individual and team goals, players learn to understand the process of achieving these goals, as well as learn the importance of personal accountability.

Focus Through Discipline:

The goal of each practice should be to push players to a higher level of physical skills, mental toughness, and focus. While being very detailed, we aim to drive the mental and physical discipline required to compete at the highest level.


We are passionate about developing the ownership of an athlete’s improvement opportunities, as well as personal responsibilities. We believe that this is the foundation of the development process.

Subject Matter Excellence:

Our coaches have experience at various levels, ranging from college to professional baseball. We utilize the knowledge of these experienced professionals to create a consistent standard of educating and developing young players, of all skill levels, within the Marucci Elite Texas organization.


A truly great program must include player development based on a formalized curriculum that is tailored to the individual. This yields formal evaluation reports and feedback sessions for the player and parents to reach alignment on the athlete’s physical and mental development.

Family Commitment & Participation:

The Marucci Elite Texas organization is an institution for baseball training and player development. Parents play a significant role in our process and must be committed to our core values, and their role within them. In addition, parental involvement in player evaluations and development plans is expected to promote collaborative development, so expectations are aligned in the development progress of the player.

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Jake Vobbe

Jake Vobbe

Long Beach State University Class of 2022

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Larry Drake

Larry Drake

Rice University Class of 2023

Jake Vobbe

Jake Vobbe

Long Beach State University Class of 2022




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